New Zealand company Anura Ltd has a new electric-powered version of their amphibious system.

The first of their new Electric over Hydraulic (EOH) power units has been installed in a high-specification carbon fire tender and is performing to specification.

EOH further expands the Anura offering, provides craft owners with the option of either internal combustion (ICE) or electric power to run the amphibious system

EOH has been developed in response to market demand for an electric power option (reflecting current EV trends and benefits, e.g. quiet, enviro-friendly etc.). However, the company’s market feedback indicated there was concern about the safety and reliability of electric wheel motors when operating fully immersed in salt water. Users wanted the benefits of an electric system but disliked the idea of the risk attached to electric wheel motor technology, which unlike that used in hydraulic-powered drive wheels, is still in its infancy.

Anura’s EOH system offers a solution which meets both requirements i.e electric power coupled with the proven and safe technology of hydraulic wheel motors.

Each EOH system is equipped with 12.4kWh of batteries, to provide a runtime of between 45 and 60 minutes depending on the operating environment. If required, additional batteries can be installed to increase run time/range.


Driving the hydraulic pump is an 28kW air-cooled electric motor which is manufactured in the USA

A standard domestic power supply is used to charging the batteries with a charge time of nine9 hrs. This can be reduced to 1.5 hours if a parallel charging pack is used.

The EOH has the same warranty as Anura’s ICE power unit – an industry-leading 3+3 year warranty.