55-knot superyacht

Studio Arnaboldi collaborated with the shipyard to develop the naval engineering of the new ISA Super Sportivo 100ft GTO. Three 2000hp MAN engines and waterjet propulsion by the Swedish company MJP equip this 30-metres vessel to a top speed of 55 knots

Born into the profession, Marco Arnaboldi inherited the passion for yacht design from his father Angelo, but also his love for speed. Developing his father’s concepts, he and the Studio Arnaboldi team transformed them into almost 80 designs of yachts and military boats (from 16 to 44 metres) that have reached and exceeded the 50-knots mark. Not offshore racing – these are real yachts, with all on-board comforts, or fast patrol boats armed with everything.

“We are a comprehensive marine engineering studio that has developed its own advanced research on hulls and materials. We can deal with every design aspect of the boat, from hull and deck construction to the interior,” explains Marco Arnaboldi. “It is essential that every detail is designed for the performance you want to achieve, with great attention to lightness. This means infusion construction with an epoxy-based vinylester resin sandwich, with carbon fibre and Kevlar reinforcements. Propulsion is a characterising trait and we have always used waterjet propulsion: in recent projects, we have relied on jets made by the Swedish company MJP (Marine Jet Power), the best performing on the market, and we have developed a constructive partnership with them.”

A superyacht with offshore performance

The new ISA Super Sportivo 100ft GTO M/Y Aldabra is the latest yacht to receive a fundamental contribution to its hull and propulsion from Studio Arnaboldi, which collaborated closely with the shipyard on the naval engineering design. In the first sea trials, the yacht reached a speed of 55 knots, exceeding theoretical calculations.

Styled by Marco Casali (Too Design studio), the ISA Super Sportivo 100ft GTO is powered by three MAN 12V turbodiesel engines with 2,000 horsepower each and MJP waterjet propulsion. On board, nothing had to be sacrificed in terms of comfort and refined furnishings to achieve the performance for which it was designed, thus fully meeting the precise requirements of its owner. The hull also ensures remarkable manoeuvrability: with the classic joystick and without the need to use the bow thruster (which is still present), this 30-metres yacht can be steered as if it were a normal day cruiser.



“An excellent power-to-weight ratio is always the basis for all sprinting performances,” Marco Arnaboldi stresses. “But this should not lead you to believe that you have to compromise on interior fittings and materials. Lightness and design can be combined, not only by using modern materials such as laminates, but also solid wood and marble, which must of course be suitably processed. Here, too, the work of our studio’s consultants with the designers responsible for the styling was crucial to achieving the desired end result.”


ISA Super Sportivo 100ft GTO M/Y Aldabra will make its debut at Cannes Yachting Festival 2021 in September.