The fate of the cars became clear a few weeks ago when the VB10000 heavy-lift crane – after delays caused by Covid-19 and the hurricane season – was finally able to begin lifting pieces of the capsized vessel on to waiting barges.

Using a 75mm anchor chain in a ‘sawing’ motion, salvagers first cut the wreck into eight pieces weighing between 2,700 and 4,000 tons each. These sections are being transported to a recycling facility on shore.

Owned by US engineering firm Versabar, the VB10000 was originally designed for erecting and decommissioning offshore oil and gas platforms. Its twin-gantry cranes have a lifting capacity of 7,500 tons.

It’s not clear what caused the Golden Ray to lose stability and run aground, but shifting cargo is believed to be a possible factor in the accident.

As for the vehicles? No golden ray beckons for them.