SIX THOUSAND HOURS PER YEAR. That’s how hard Ultimate Charters’ fleet of four boats is working.

So, when it came to choosing engines for two brand-new boats to add to the fleet, for Auckland-based Simon Brady, the Mercury SeaPro range was the choice. 

The new boat Gatherer is equipped with a 300hp SeaPro commercial outboard and there’s one thing every charter passenger is impressed with: “The first thing people comment on when they jump on board is how quiet the engine is,” Simon says. 

“The quietness and speed of the engine is significant in creating a good atmosphere for our passengers.

“From our skipper’s perspectives the engine is effortless, it’s smooth and it’s powerful. We’re pushing around a three-tonne boat, plus 900kgs of gear, and the engine does it without missing a beat.”

Ultimate Charters caters for novices through to experienced anglers with fishing charters in the outer Hauraki Gulf all year round. 


Simon is working to update his entire fleet. Ultimate Charters is in the process of replacing some of its older vessels with New Zealand-built Extreme Boats. 

In September, another new boat Hunter will be built and rigged with twin 225hp SeaPro commercial outboards. Ultimate Charters will continue to update the fleet and hopes to  fit them with the new V12 500hp SeaPro motors.