On May 1 the last of almost 1200 commercial operators transferred to the new Maritime Operator Safety System (MOSS).

“It has been a successful, five-year process,” says Maritime NZ Deputy Director, Compliance, Pelin Fantham.

MOSS was introduced in July 2014, and Maritime NZ ran a gradual transition to help make the change from the old safety system to the new as smooth as possible for the industry.


On May 1, Fantham presented Penwarden Holdings Ltd with its certification in a small ceremony on Whangarei Harbour. She congratulated the company for completing the transition and bringing its fishing vessels Bilyara, and the brand new Karearea, into MOSS.

“MOSS was designed to make it clear that an entire maritime operation, not just the vessel, needs to be examined to ensure all the safety risks are identified and managed,” says Fantham.

“As a result, it has helped to improve safety in the maritime industry and has strengthened the relationship between Maritime NZ and operators.”