Jan 30, 2019 Boat Bling

DSPA, an innovative, efficient fire-suppression system, has been approved by Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) for commercial and recreational vessels up to 24m.

DSPA fire extinguishing and suppression systems are easy to install and maintain, versatile, efficient (only a small amount of aerosol is needed), safe (DSPA units are not pressurised or toxic) and cost efficient (no expensive pipe work). DSPA Aerosol Generators consist of a solid aerosol forming compound in a non-pressurised red cannister which aerosolises finely-divided solid particles. DSPA Aerosol was originally developed as a more efficient alternative to Halon and other conventional extinguishing agents. DSPA Aerosol interferes with the chain reaction in the fire, leaving oxygen levels intact.

DSPA Aerosol generators can be connected to existing fire detection systems, installed close to potential fire sources and have a wide operating temperature range. DSPA Generators have a fully automatic and autonomous (independent) system of activation and do not depend on electrical power and/or pressure supply.

Product approval by Maritime New Zealand means DSPA systems can now be installed and approved as primary fire suppression system on non-SOLAS vessels.