Oct 4, 2018 Boat Bling

FUSIONĀ® has added Apple AirPlay WiFi streaming functionality to the new Apollo Series marine audio entertainment systems with a free software update.

Compatible with all current Apple iOS devices, AirPlay allows seamless device-to-device audio streaming.

Unlike Bluetooth, which offers limitedrange streaming and compresses audio files to lower-quality formats, AirPlay offers significantly greater range and transmits lossless audio at 44.1kHZ.

The FUSION RA770 is the flagship of the new Apollo Series with a one-piece glass touchscreen display, built-in WiFi streaming, Digital Signal Processing Technology (DSP) and PartyBus capabilities. The FUSION SRX400 also offers Apple AirPlay, Wi-Fi streaming, DSP and PartyBus functionality. Apollo users will also benefit from the new Fusion-Link App update. It features a modernised user interface, over-theair software updates, the ability to set up DSP profiles directly from the app and remote PartyBus control.