Jan 30, 2019 Boat Bling

Raymarine’s new generation Ray53, Ray63 and Ray73 trunnion or surface-mounted VHFs are powerful full-function marine radios with built-in GPS receivers, connection points for a GPS/GNSS antenna and Class D Digital Selective Calling (DSC).

Ray63 and Ray73 can also connect to Raymarine’s new wireless VHF hub, supporting up to two wireless handset stations for wireless communication anywhere onboard.

The compact, affordable Ray53 offers the calling and safety benefits of DSC and supports both NMEA2000 and legacy NMEA0183 networking.

The Ray63 is a multi-station VHF on a full-sized chassis with over-sized controls and a larger LCD for easy operation offshore. It offers multi-station expansion and intercom capability and also works with Raymarine’s new RayMic wireless hub and handset system, adding wireless control at up to two additional locations.

The new multi-function Ray73 comes with a built-in Automatic Identification System (AIS) receiver and a powerful loudhailer output. When combined with an optional hailing horn, the loudhailer output allows communication with crew-members on deck, those on other vessels or people on the dock. It can also generate manual or automatic fog signals when moored or underway.