Clinker boats on show

Sep 19, 2017 Boating history ,General Interest

Clinker boats will be on display at the annual Classic Yacht and Launch Exhibition, held in Wynyard Quarter’s Karanga Plaza in Auckland in October.

The two-day exhibition – organised by the Tino Rawa Trust – is staged each October as part of the Auckland Heritage Festival, and celebrates the country’s classic vessels, their owners, the boatbuilders and their stories.

McMullen Dinghy 3_Baden_cmyk (Small)Previous events have showcased designers such as Colin Wild, Jim Young, Jack Brooke, Bob Stewart, Des Townson and Johnny Wray. Early events successfully profiled the Logans, Baileys, Aldens and Herreschoffs. Last year mullet boats were in the spotlight.

The exhibition features a display of vessels, models, plans and memorabilia. There is also an on-water component, with vessels available for inspection and owners and classic yacht enthusiasts keen to share their stories.One of the Trust’s key objectives is to share the history and stories, not only with classic yacht enthusiasts but also with the general public.

This year’s exhibition focusses on the clinker boat – from its early history and construction techniques through to information on boatbuilders, designs and yacht classes. Clinker construction has been used for thousands of years dating back to the Vikings.

On display will be clinker tenders, working boats and an array of clinker centre-boarders such as the Frostbite, Silver Fern, International 14 and M Class through to St Ayle Rowing Skiffs. New Zealand Coastal Rowing will be on the water so visitors can even go for a row in a St Ayles Rowing Skiff.

Old beach picnic clinker photo_cmyk (Small)

How many people can you fit into a clinker? An entire picnicful!

Tino Rawa has been organising the exhibition for 11 years and each year it is a privilege to introduce the public to wonderful classic boats and their stories and more importantly to bring the classic boat community together to celebrate this important part of our maritime history. Tony Stevenson

Talk to anyone who has an interest in small boats and they will be able to relate to or tell you a little about the clinker. And if you were a sea scout you would know all about them as one would have been the first boat that you learn to row or sail.

In the early days for tradesman in New Zealand, building a clinker was simply a way of showcasing your boat building skills; almost like a CV and many a customer would choose a builder by the way they designed and built a clinker.