Letter to the Editor: Bravo John

Mar 21, 2019 Boat World

Bravo to John MacFarlane on his excellent three-part series A Heritage Facing Extinction. This well-researched and detailed look at the classic wooden boat scene and its future is bang on the money.

It’s a real shame that we can’t get support from Auckland Council and its CCOs for the Percy Vos shed concept. The only reason the building has been saved at all is because of the constant lobbying of a small group since before 2005. I have the original concept we did for the building dated 22nd Feb 2005. Fourteen years of excuses and stonewalling by Sea & City, then Waterfront Auckland and now Panuku Development Auckland.

The passion, skills and our heritage fleet are still hanging in there – all we need is a place to call home and build a future from.

Steve Cranch Chairman, New Zealand Traditional Boatbuilding School