Recommended read: Top Catch – by John Eichelsheim

Feb 21, 2017 General Interest ,News

In the informative and entertaining guide, Top Catch, John Eichelsheim outlines how to catch the best examples of 12 of New Zealand’s most popular fish species.

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Drawing on more than 40 years of recreational fishing experience, John relates his own ‘top catch’ for each species and then explains how you can catch yours.

Top Catch details the nuts and bolts of tackle and techniques, including the best times and places to bag your personal top catch, or at least a good feed.

Both a practical guide and a celebration of the most popular recreational angling fish species, Top Catch is full of great yarns and useful information.

John Eichelsheim got hooked on fishing as a child and is still a passionate angler. A regular contributor to Boating New Zealand, New Zealand Fishing News and Bay Fisher magazines, John is the author of several fishing books.


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