Jan 30, 2019 Boat Bling

Raymarine’s new Element range of HyperVision™ sonar/ GPS navigation displays deliver unprecedented detail, speed and clarity.

With six-channel sonar and HyperVision™ 1.2 MHz super-high- resolution CHIRP technology, Element produces images with three times the clarity of conventional side and down scanning sonars, allowing anglers to clearly identify structures, vegetation and fish down to 185m.

Element’s new LightHouse Sport operating system is easy to use. Simple keypad controls let anglers focus on the fish, not the owner’s manual. There’s an oversized waypoint key and userprogrammable keys to access favourite screen configurations.

Featuring a powerful quad-core processor, Element delivers instantaneous chart redraw, smooth RealVision 3D imaging and fast response while underway. The compact, easyto-install HV-100 all-in-one transom transducer combines Hyper, Down, Side, RealVision 3D and conventional CHIRP sonar channels in the single unit.

Other features include Raymarine RealBathy™ personal sonar mapping and Navionics SonarCharts Live support; support for Raymarine LightHouse NC2 Charts with Fishing Hot Spots, Navionics, C-MAP and NMEA2000 networking for VHF, engine, tanks, and heading sensor integration.