CTEK’s powerful new revolutionary CS ONE is a smart, versatile and easy-to-use battery charger.

CTEK’s new APTO™ (Adaptive Charging) technology does all the thinking so you don’t have to. In a world with so many different battery chemistries and charging requirements, the CS ONE is perfect for every need. CS ONE automatically detects the battery’s chemistry, works out its size and then delivers the perfect, customised charging programme, from 2 to 8 amps.

CTEK’s free-to-download App gives users even greater control of the versatile CS ONE charger through their smartphone. Using Bluetooth connectivity, the App unlocks additional great features such as RECON (to restore and recondition lead-acid batteries), WAKE UP (to revive seemingly dead lithium and lead-acid batteries) and 12V SUPPLY (to support the battery during service work and retain contact power during replacement or removal).

Engineered for complete safety and peace of mind, CS ONE comes with black, polarity-free and spark-free clamps and automatically works out which terminal is positive and which is negative (the clamps can even safely come into contact with each other).

Although boats, motorhomes and cars can have up to five different battery chemistries, the CS ONE is compatible with them all. There are no buttons to push or modes to select, simply connect those clamps to any 12v lead-acid or lithium (LiFePO4) battery and let it go to work. CS ONE’s easy-to-follow countdown LEDs give a visual indication about the time remaining for the battery to be fully charged and even when the flat battery can be restarted. It will also say if the battery cannot be charged due to damage.

It comes with a five-year warranty and is available now through Lusty and Blundell’s Albany, Whangarei and Tauranga showrooms and from their nationwide network of marine dealers.


HELLA MARINE introduces the low profile and powerful FMS LED deck lamps. These surface mount scene lamps are purpose-designed to integrate discreetly into tight spaces and exterior recesses, yet throw a huge amount of light. With a protrusion of only 38mm, the FMS lamps are sleek and unobtrusive during the day, but make themselves very well-known at night.

Two light intensities are offered: the FMS1200 with 1200 lumens; and the FMS2500 with an even more powerful 2500 lumens. Both lamps offer even, close-range illumination directly underneath the lamp. The light is projected downwards at a fixed angle of 45 degrees, no brackets to adjust.


THIS SMALL but powerful GPS Tracker is custom designed from the ground up, with extra features to make coastal or offshore tracking, data, and communications easier.

The DataHub can connect to the NMEA backbone so all the data on board your vessel can be logged and transmitted. This has many real-world applications such as enriching GPS tracking data with wind speed and direction through to more complex tasks such as yacht performance polar development.

For those making passages to foreign countries, you can overcome sim card restrictions by connecting a local sim to the Datahub and broadcasting the cell data to other devices on-board. You can also switch off your satellite-based GPS tracking and let the Datahub take over your tracking updates via cell data.



JUST LIKE the original, the inReach Mini 2 is a compact satellite two-way communicator that allows you to stay in touch with loved ones via satellite messages when you’ve left cell phone coverage behind.

The SOS function can be triggered in life threatening emergencies. Messages can then be exchanged to speed up the rescue.

The improved inReach Mini 2 has better battery life, quicker connection times, a new track back feature to retrace your steps and a compass that works when stationary. It also pairs to Garmin watches for better connectivity. An active satellite subscription is required and can be tailored to your use.

Available from Burnsco stores nationwide and online at 


ZHIK’S NEW CST500™ performance coastal range integrates a variety of weight-saving, ergonomic and comfort improving features.

Comprising of a highly breathable jacket, smock and salopettes that offer excellent versatility, CST500 is designed to enhance movement and provide low bulk protection for a range of conditions and activities such as high-performance round-the-cans racing, coastal cruising and night crossings.

Made from Zhik’s highly breathable, lightweight three-layer Aroshell® fabric technology throughout, CST500 introduces new Zithane® fused reinforcement technology. This highly durable material is an evolution of traditional heavier denier reinforcement panels for knee and rear abrasion protection.


THOSE SMALL STAINS and blemishes are often the most annoying and difficult to remove from a boat.

Enter Serious Shine Quick Detailer from Shurhold. This one-step spray quickly removes water spots, dirt, grime – even residue left by other cleaning products – for a sparkling, spot-free surface.

Serious Shine’s unique formula provides a high-gloss, water- and UV-resistant finish without leaving a greasy residue. It cleans and polishes virtually any surface: fibreglass, vinyl, isinglass and stainless steel. It's especially useful for removing the minerals in sun-baked water spots that can damage gelcoat.

With anti-static properties, it's also perfect for cleaning multifunction touchscreen displays and other sensitive surfaces.


SURFVISION HD+ combines fishing camera, mapping centre and vessel security system into a single, compact DC-powered unit.

SURFVISION HD+ is a marine-grade video system that allows up to four cameras to continuously record catches and cruising activity in high definition, marking catches and events seamlessly.

The free SURFVISION phone app allows users to grab and share video and pictures with friends and colleagues. It includes a GPS overlay option on pictures to mark catches and releases where location evidence is desired, and is approved for all tournament recordings.

Users can select the Hilton Sat2Nav Icon from SURFVISION HD+ to access the most current fishing mapping charts for waypoint management, weather, chlorophyll tracking and much more.

SURFVISION HD+ is also equipped with geofencing capabilities and will record and notify users if the vessel has moved outside of a predetermined range. Owners can monitor remotely from a smartphone, offering reassurance the vessel and belongings are safe and secure.

Optimise your sails 

North Sails and Cyclops Marine have co-engineered the SmartLuff, an easy-to-use Bluetooth smart sensor that optimises your sail by monitoring sail load in real-time.

This exciting new product is manufactured exclusively for North Sails by Cyclops Marine, whose data-driven approach has made them industry experts in load sensing.

Installed as the tack fitting in North Helix Sails, the SmartLuff sensor quickly connects to your smartphone and onboard displays, providing live load data in a simple, intuitive format.

Garmin LiveScope Plus 

Garmin’s LiveScope™ Plus System provides brilliantly clear live scanning sonar returns and 35% improved target separation over the existing system.

With three modes – Forward, Down and Perspective – the LiveScope Plus System also inludes the popular Perspective Mode Mount.

The LiveScope Plus transducer delivers 35% improved target separation and can identify and separate targets as small as 36cm up to 30m from the boat. With brilliantly clear sonar returns, seven vivid color options, improved image stitching, reduced noise and fewer on-screen artifacts, anglers benefit from a better picture of fish and structure.

LiveScope Plus has additional sensors that allow it to constantly adjust the sonar beams to compensate for boat motion, so anglers will still see a steady sonar image even in rough conditions.

The LiveScope Plus System delivers three unique vantage points via one easily adjusted mount. Turn the transducer forward for a live look at what’s out in front of the boat; point it down to see directly beneath the boat; or turn it sideways for the ‘top down’ perspective mode – a wide view of what’s in front of the boat up to 15m away.

The selected LiveScope mode view will automatically change on a compatible Garmin chartplotter2 screen.

LiveScope Plus is compatible with a wide range of Garmin GPSMAP® and ECHOMAP™ chartplotters and combo units.


Dockmate RED, a new remote docking solution, offers exceptional value for boaters.

Developed as a more affordable solution for boats with analogue controls of engines and thrusters, Dockmate RED is offered in single or twin-engine configurations. It comes pre-configured with analogue idle speed engine modules and on/off thruster modules with an optional anchor control module.

Measuring 70x150x40 mm, Dockmate RED weighs only 150 grams and has a range of 50 metres. The durable remote is waterproof to IP67 and its battery lasts for up to 15 docking manoeuvres of approximately 10 minutes each before needing recharging.


Narva LED Dual Colour Deck Lamp 

Combining the latest LED technology with a rugged, water- and corrosion-proof design, the Narva LED Decklight is ideal for marine applications.

With a 360° rotating bracket, you can direct the light anywhere you like. A dual white/red light output allows you to light up your deck with crisp white light or keep your night vision with a red glow.

Available in a white or black housing from Burnsco stores nationwide and online, these lights are built tough. 0800 10 20 41

Yamaha Helm Master EX® upgrades

Yamaha Helm Master EX upgrades include a new Joystick Station, new Pattern Steer functions, a dedicated Trim Assist button, improved Setpoint functionality, sideways manoeuvrability and Bennett trim tab integration.

Additional joystick controls can now be added away from the helm of the boat, Williamson Turn and Pattern Search are new Pattern Steer functions built into Yamaha’s autopilot system and there’s a dedicated Trim Assist button, turned on and off on the control box.

When modifying the set position with any Setpoint function using the Helm Master EX joystick, the display will now indicate the total distance requested and the amount of distance remaining, while in multiple outboard applications, sideways manoeuvring has been enhanced.Other new features include Bennett Trim Tab position and settings integration into the CL5 gauge. and

To upgrade Helm Master EX software and/or hardware, contact an authorised Yamaha Marine dealer.