Following on the success of the Piccolo 4kVA diesel Genverter variable-speed generator, WhisperPower has extended the Piccolo range of models up to 12kVA.
Introduced in 2015, the Piccolo 4kVA combined compact dimensions, low noise, low weight, an attractive price and high (peak) power.
A Genverter delivers an exact 230V voltage and 50Hz frequency independent of the engine’s speed. All Piccolo models feature a polyester sound enclosure. A 5- or 7-inch TOUCH panel makes operation and monitoring easy, as is remote monitoring. Piccolo models are available in 230V/50Hz AC, 4/5, 8, 10 and 12kVA versions.


FUSION’s new SRX400 combines PartyBus, FUSION’s audio distribution network, with built in Wi-Fi streaming and Digital Signal Processing (DSP).
Using the free FUSION-Link app, boat owners can set up the preconfigured DSP profile to play customised highquality audio.
PartyBus lets you play what you want, where you want, whether commanding the party across the whole boat or relaxing in a single cabin. Additional PartyBus stereos can join Party Mode and play the same synced audio source anywhere in the vessel.
IPx7-rated for dust and water protection from the front, SRX400 includes an internal Class-D amplifier, Ethernet port and Motorola antenna connector port.


Raymarine’s new Quantum 2 CHIRP Radar uses advanced Doppler processing to highlight moving radar contacts and show whether targets are approaching or heading away.

Quantum 2’s CHIRP pulse compression radar provides superior automatic target acquisition, awareness and tracking, while Doppler target processing identifies targets in busy, high-traffic areas.

Featuring fully-automatic ARPA and manual MARPA target tracking, plus adjustable TrueTrails target history to plot moving contacts, Quantum 2 is much lighter than magnetron radars.

Offering Wi-Fi or thin wire network connectivity, low emissions and superior interference rejection, Quantum 2 is safe to mount anywhere. Power consumption is low.



B&G® has released a new software update for Zeus³, Zeus², Zeus² Glass Helm and Vulcan Series displays. New features include Advanced WindPlot, Device Registration and C-MAP® charting improvements.
Updates to WindPlot provide a clearer view of wind trends, easier comparison of True Wind Speed (TWS) to True Wind Direction (TWD) and better displays in small panels for use alongside charts. A new Device Registration option means software updates are sent directly to the device, while a new C-MAP chart presentation palette makes it easier to see where the boat is in relation to land, channels, ledges and drop-offs.


Perfect for your boat or jet-ski trailer, the ABUS Floor/Wall Anchor will safely secure your asset
against attack or theft.
Made of hardened 16mm steel, it is waterproof and designed to withstand being run-over by vehicles without suffering damage. The ABUS Floor/Wall Anchor can be installed on driveways, on storage yards, in sheds, or in your garage at home. It measures 165mm x 160mm, has 65mm vertical shackle clearance and 75mm horizontal shackle clearance.
Other associated products are available to order.


Oceansouth NZ has followed its standard outboard engine covers (cowling and full) with a complete range of fitted covers for Mercury, Yamaha, Suzuki and Evinrude. Honda to follow next.
These include perfectly fitted cowling, full and vented covers. The vented range allows you to leave the cover on while motoring and also protects the casing from scratches and chips from fishing gear. Full range available from all leading chandlery outlets. For more information please contact Oceansouth NZ.


FUSION’s new Apollo Series is the world’s first purpose-built marine entertainment system with a one-piece glass touchscreen display, built-in Wi-Fi streaming, Digital Signal Processing Technology (DSP) and PartyBus capabilities.
The Apollo RA770 leads the series. Featuring a brilliant, optically-bonded, full colour LCD display, simply tap the glass touchscreen to pause and play, or swipe through a playlist to find a favorite song. The stylish display blends perfectly with modern glass helms.
Source options include Bluetooth,Optical Audio, Advanced SiriusXM features (USA only), DAB+ ready (available in Europe and Australia only), AM/FM radio, AUX and USB. Universal Plug and Play (UPnP), provides the highest quality audio streaming available and Apollo RA770 can also wirelessly connect multiple Apollo stereos.
Boat owners can set up the preconfigured DSP profile to play high-quality audio customised for their ears and their specific environment. Adding PartyBus-enabled stereos to the onboard entertainment system lets you play the same perfectly synced audio source throughout the vessel. In Personal Mode, listen to available audio sources from your stereo of choice without disrupting Party Mode in other areas of the vessel.
With a 4.3-inch display, the RA770 is IPx7 rated for dust and water protection (front only). It includes an internal Class-D amplifier capable of running four speakers in two zones without external amplification.
The unit has two RCA auxiliary inputs, one SPDIF port for TV audio output, one Ethernet port, one USB 2.0 port for phone charging and media playback, one SiriusXM port, one Motorola antenna connector port and it is DAB+ ready.


To extend the range of a vessel equipped with a Torqeedo Deep Blue Hybrid electric propulsion system, Torqeedo has collaborated with WhisperPower to develop a 25kW 350V DC variable speed diesel generator.
Torqeedo’s Range Extender is specifically designed as a back-up battery charger for the Torqeedo-BMW battery pack, which supplies energy for vessel propulsion and onboard consumption in recreational and commercial vessels.
The compact, silent Range Extender is based on WhisperPower’s successful Genverter principle, where generator speed is adjusted to meet fluctuating power requirements. Advanced electronics ensure that the generator always operates at the most efficient speed, minimising fuel consumption, noise, vibration and exhaust emissions.

Integrated into the Deep Blue Hybrid system, the Range Extender forms part of an innovative system that offers unrivalled comfort, luxury and independence based on largely zero-emission sailing. Charging the BMW-i lithium batteries is also possible using renewable energy sources such as solar panels and hydro generators, which provide silent power.
During a long trip, or if demand requires more electricity than the batteries can supply, the DC generator, started automatically and managed by the Advanced Hybrid Control System, provides the reassurance of back-up power.


Westerbeke Corporation’s new 29.0 EGED marine diesel generator set is rated 29.0kW at 60Hz (23.0kW at 50Hz) and engineered to meet all current EPA emissions requirements.
The unit is powered by a compact, 3.3-litre four-cylinder engine operating at a low 1800 or 1500rpm for smooth, quiet operation. It incorporates standard electronic voltage regulation to reduce voltage deviation and ensure the best possible sine wave form.
Additional standard features include low oil pressure, high exhaust and high coolant temperature safety shutdowns, as well as a field breaker and 50-amp battery charging alternator.
The 29.0 EGED incorporates a completely new start/stop and monitoring system, while new gauge and remote start/stop panels are the same physical sizes as those on previous models. The 29.0 EGED also offers easy access servicing and an optional Sound Guard SST with stainless steel base and frame, providing full access to the sides and top of the unit.