Power-on: Trim tabs for safety and speed

Trim tabs come in all shapes and sizes and can be fitted in a variety of ways.

Up, up and away!

Everything is evolving, but foiling will always remain fast. And fun. And challenging. And addictive.

World-class show

Nelson’s Antique and Classic Boat Show has been named the ‘most unique boat show on the planet’,

Opportunity knocks

Building something comparable today would cost twice the original build price and around four times what it cost for the refit.

Power On : Keep trim

Forget about reaching for your remote control/hand throttle.

Ahoy! Fun free family activity abounds at Auckland Wooden Boat Festival

The festival is on Friday 1 March – Sunday 3 March from 10am-6pm at Viaduct Events Centre and Jellicoe Harbour.

125 years of saving lives at sea; Rescue mission

One of New Zealand’s oldest search and rescue institutions, Sumner Lifeboat/ Coastguard Sumner is celebrating 125 years of outstanding…

True Justice

Six years ago Simon Justice sat in his classic timber launch, wondering whether she was worth the trouble. The elderly Ford engine had…

Remembering Vectis

The horizon was a magnet as long as I can remember but like the gold at rainbow’s end, it was always just out of reach. For a few years I…

Lake Tahoe 50 years of elegance

With 49 editions under its belt so far, the most prestigious static contest in North America has now reached its 50th anniversary. And it…

A walk on the wild side

Lapsed jetboating enthusiast Stewart Hydes spent eight years working for Fi-GLASS Boats in Christchurch, so it speaks volumes he opted for…

New lives for old boats

The restoration and ownership of classic boats is booming – across New Zealand and around the globe. Tom Fraser catches up with Dave…