The Sanderson Brothers; Yachting in St. George’s Bay in the 1880s

Two brothers, Frank (Francis Joseph) and Fred (Frederick William) Sanderson, played a big part in yachting in St. George’s Bay and Judges’…

Australian Wooden Boat Festival; Wooden Gems

The seagulls in Hobart are more raucous and the air looks much clearer, concluded Boating NZ’s Australian correspondent Kevin Green, on…

125 years of model yachting

The Christchurch Model Yacht Club celebrated sailing on Lake Victoria in the central city’s Hagley Park for 125 years with an Open Day and…

One Family’s Boating Journey; A picnic too far

As the wave broke over my mother, I knew we had to turn back and that I’d probably never hear the end of our latest adventure. Here’s how…

Fitting a diesel heater; Warming welcome

Fitting a safe, efficient diesel heater to your vessel makes winter boating much more enjoyable – and doing so is not beyond the DIY…

A lucky escape

Christian and I have a new birthday: February 11, 2023. On that day we nearly drowned, only surviving thanks to tons of luck.

Marquesas – the real, real world

Tom and Harriet Linskey break their trans-Pacific journey at the isolated Marquesas Islands, halfway between Panama and New Zealand.

A century of action

Association seeks funds to continue its advocacy work on behalf of Auckland boaters.

Seize every moment!

Occasional contributor George Empson’s photo somewhere on this page reminded me that boating takes many forms – and that Kiwis enjoy it all…

Playing foul?

Good haul-outs and boatyards capture and treat all byproducts of the maintenance process to prevent toxins and chemicals from entering…

Remote beauty

A popular way to get onto the water to fish is to utilise one of the island’s charter boats.

Restoring a Bertram 23

This was very much the ultimate collaboration between client and builder.