Bill Couldrey Part 6: World War II

Under the shadow of likely war with Germany on the other side of the globe, 1939 was a very full year for Bill Couldrey’s yard.

Sea-food sensations

Tips for a gourmet galley in remote places–simplifying and substituting is the key!

A flying performance

When the word ‘foiling’ came up in conversation 10 years ago, it was with a look of awe as people discussed the America’s Cup and the AC72s…

One Boating’s Family Journey: Christmas Day on a deserted island

As desperate as we were to sail extensively over the 2022-23 summer holidays, the staffing needs of our business has meant juggling dates…

Hands free

A new collaboration between Raymarine and Hyundai’s Avikus subsidiary aims to bring self-driving boats one step closer to reality.

Steering in the right direction

Now that we have fitted the two replacement outboards to Divecat, together with their Vibrastop anti-vibration system, the next item on the…

NEW REGULAR COLUMN: A new name for a new beginning

Tom and Harriet Linskey had some misgivings about renaming their faithful yacht of many years, but with their changed circumstances, it was…

Tautoku! Cargo Proa

The quest for sustainable sea transport has been on the agendas of Blue Pacific nations for a very long time. From the beginnings of human…

Leaders in their field (Part 2) Leaders for lures

Whether bait or lure fishing for snapper, a leader’s primary purpose is to protect against line damage.

Grand Prix yacht racing comes to town

I spent a couple of exciting and enjoyable hours catching up with the SailGP event in Singapore on YouTube last Sunday, streaming both…

Sail Grand Prix for Christchurch

SailGP is one of the fastest-growing sports and entertainment properties in the world.

Riviera Invitational Fishing Tournament

The Riviera Invitational Fishing Tournament is a no-kill, points-based measure and release/tag and release event.