Early West Coast Yachting: Alert

By the early years of the 20th century the coal ports, Westport and Greymouth, had developed an active yachting scene which grew out of…

Marine Refrigeration: Chill out

Almost every type of boat-use story has some requirement for keeping stuff cool.

New Plymouth Yacht Club: Time capsule & future vision

For a club focussed on dinghies, cat and trailer-yachts, it’s remarkable that New Plymouth is also the custodian of an epic ocean-racing…

One Family’s Boating Journey: Tiritiri Matangi and a new tender – maybe

We were so excited – after cyclones and high winds we finally found ourselves with the opportunity for a day excursion on the water.

Ladder living Part 2

The second part of SV Wave Runner and her crew’s experiences of living on the hard during their sailing adventures in the Pacific,…

Leaders in their field Part 3: Rigging baits for Kingfish

Kingfish are an enigma. One day they smash anything remotely edible, baits and lures alike, the next they seem to have their mouths sewn…

The short-cut between the seas

Me, go around Cape Horn? Seriously? Do I want to brave roaring high-latitude gales just to earn an earring in my left ear? Um, no!

More than a life saver!

The best sea-anchors in the world are made in New Zealand. By Coppins, a family company that’s been in the same site in the main street of…

Kiwi crafted

The May issue of Boating New Zealand is something of a celebration of New Zealand-built boats.