Go small and soft! (Part 2)

A finesse approach to fishing soft baits can pay dividends, especially in heavily-fished areas with educated fish.

Downsize for more fun

The day I chose to go smaller with my soft-baits turned out to be a turning point in my fishing life.

Leaders in their field Part 3: Rigging baits for Kingfish

Kingfish are an enigma. One day they smash anything remotely edible, baits and lures alike, the next they seem to have their mouths sewn…

Leaders for kingfish –Part II

Catching a decent kingfish is a dream for many anglers – and once you feel that immense power through the rod and line you’ll understand…

Treats for kingfish

My intentions were good: to continue with my ‘Leaders in their field’ series, this time for catching kingfish. Then I realised I hadn’t yet…

Leaders in their field (Part 2) Leaders for lures

Whether bait or lure fishing for snapper, a leader’s primary purpose is to protect against line damage.

Festive family fishing essentials

Mark takes a break from his ‘Leaders in their fields’ series to suggest fishing items and techniques that will help Christmas holiday…

Leaders in their field (Part 1)

A leader might be just a relatively short length of line, but its diverse roles make leader use essential to most forms of fishing.

Carrots anyone?

Good looking and great in the pan, gurnard is a popular recreational catch.

Find those fish (Part 4): Work-ups – a wild gannet chase!

Hovering, fluttering and feeding seabirds often indicate feeding predators.

Find those fish (Part 3) Closer to home

Where to fish, when and why: reading the clues the inshore environment provides.

FIND THOSE FISH (PART 1): Current favourites

Oceanic currents, temperature breaks, structure and concentrations of baitfish are key factors when searching for pelagic gamefish.