Mission Statement
To provide a pre-eminent source and premier brokering service for those wishing to buy, sell or lease marina berths internationally.
Established in 2004, Marinaberths.com is purely dedicated to the sale and purchase of marina berths throughout the World.
With marina berth sales now numbering into the thousands, Marinaberths.com has grown into the largest, most widely visited web based company with a highly targeted, international audience.
Our combined experience in yacht and real estate brokering, along with a professional yachting background has given us the knowledge and results in successfully brokering marina sales in ports around the globe that are more than likely known by one of us. We continue to broker sales for our customers in a very simple and straight forward manner with no hidden fees or agendas and we offer the lowest commission rates currently available.
Our teams are available all hours, reflecting an absolute commitment to the professional and proactive management of selling and buying marina berths for you.  We pride ourselves on providing quality information, passionate people and professional, personal service.