OCTenders is a family owned New Zealand business and operated by Russell and Karin Carlyon.

Several years ago these keen sailors realized none of the tenders/dinghy’s available in the market provided all of the key aspects they felt were important for a good tender.

Russell’s background as a competitive windsurfer and high performance board builder provided them with the confidence to utilize high tech materials to build a complex light weight structure. They take great pride in their products and here are just a few of the reasons why.

  • Hard built means safety at sea.
  • No punctures, no unglued seams.
  • A wide platform to work from, offering stability and volume.
  • The sharp plumb bow and high topsides provides a dry, smooth ride.
  • The flat wide deck is comfortable and provides easier boarding from docks and from the water.
  • The smooth rocker and sharp water release edges promote early planing and precise trimming with minimal hp engines. In general the outboard required will be a size smaller than that required for an equivalent sized RIB.
  • Built with the best composite materials and a foam fender rub rail, OC Tenders are some of the lightest tenders in the market place today, without compromising durability.
  • Total flotation in the foam sandwich construction itself and total flotation in the closed cell foam rub rail.
  • Our tenders are simple to maintain and easy to repair if need be with common materials you already have onboard.

OC Tenders offers a safe, stable, dry ride with a huge internal volume for all your needs. Whether transporting people, fuel, supplies or simply heading out for a bit of fun, these tenders will meet your needs comfortably and for a long time. They are also beautiful boats to look at!