Four years ago, Axopar was in its first year of production, but Eyachts saw potential in the small, niche company.

In 2020 Eyachts celebrates 100 Axopars sold downunder with Axopar’s new and improved flagship, the Axopar 37 Revolution.

“The Axopar offers something for everyone in a cool simplistic package… I am so proud of how far Axopar have come, thanks to Axopar owners’ feedback and a young Axopar team that listens,” said Peter Hrones, Eyachts Managing Director.

With the first Axopar 37 X Sun Top currently in Queensland, Eyachts has been taking people on virtual and private tours of the vessel. The Revolution has 380 improvements, ranging from a redesigned hull which provides increased speed and range, to innovative new gull wing doors and a separate head layout.

Eyachts has presold four Axopar 37 Revolutions, including the first Sun Top, which landed in Queensland and was sold 10 days later in Sydney. The first Cross Cabin arrived at the end of May.