Well known angler and host of the Fishy Business TV show, Adam Clancey has teamed up with New Zealand-based tackle company Composite Developments (NZ) Limited.

Adam has a long history with the company, having once worked for Composite and also used the company’s well-known fishing rods on many adventures.

Adam said, “I’m excited to be working with the team at Composites and was really impressed with the way they have grown their many popular brands like Okuma , CD Rods, Trycd , Pakula ,Pro Cure, TT Lures, Platypus and Flambeau. There is a real fit with these products and the type of fishing we do on the show.

“As part of what I do as an ambassador for the brands, I will be doing a lot of social media content, as well as public appearances to talk about fishing and how to get the most out of your gear, along with tips and techniques to help everyone with their fishing.”

The new season of Fishy Business featuring a wide range of fishing trips around New Zealand targeting all the popular species will screen on Prime TV towards the end of 2022.

Nick Binks who heads up Digital Sales and Marketing for Composite Developments (NZ) Ltd commented, “We are happy to be working with Adam as he is well respected in the industry and has a good following in all areas of the fishing community. Adam will be using a good cross-section of our product range, from bluewater sport fishing gear to inshore bait and lure fishing tackle. Seeing our tackle being put through its paces in hardcore fishing situations is a great way to show the development that has gone into our brands.”