Gloss Boats Marine Spraying Specialists LTD (GBMS) is opening a new facility at Tamaki Marine Park, Auckland’s latest marine precinct development, now taking shape beside the Tamaki River.

“Gloss Boats has a long-established relationship with the owners and management team of Tamaki Marine Park, so we are excited to be involved in this new development,” says GBMS Director Dave Lourie.

The new shed will be 30m long and 20m wide with a door height of 10.5m. This will enable GBMS to pull some fairly large vessels inside without the additional cost and effort of removing radar antennae, satellite domes, aerials etc.

The shed will be fitted out with a brand new semi-downdraught, heated spray booth with a high volume extraction system across the back wall. The booth will be attached to a tintmix room with its own extraction system. The extraction units are being built and installed by Egmont Air.

The new paint facility will also feature a new 11kW 70 CFM compressor and dryer, along with aluminium air piping, supplied and installed by Industrial Air NZ.


At the facility the office/lunch room and amenities will be separated from the main workshop. This will allow clients convenient access without having to enter the main workshop and also provide a clean, quiet and safe environment where employees can relax while eating lunch.

The main workshop floor will have a fivedegree gradient, sloping down to a grated drain connected to the waste water tank. Regularly washing the shop floor will help maintain a clean, safe working environment.

Gloss Boats Marine Spraying Specialists LTD will continue to maintain a presence at its current location at Pier21, where in future it will carry out antifouling and Propspeed applications, as well as small touch ups. Once the new facility is completed, larger jobs like repaints will go to Tamaki Marine Park.

If a yacht requires a repaint its mast can be removed and stored at Pier21 before the vessel is motored around to Tamaki Marine Park, where it will be hauled out and wheeled straight into the shed.

Being part of the new precinct development, explains Lourie, has given GBMS a unique opportunity to work with the management at Tamaki Marine Park.

“It has given us the opportunity to build a facility that is purpose-designed around repainting boats, rather than leasing a shed and then trying to make it compliant. At Tamaki Marine Park GBMS can custom-build a shed that’s fit for purpose.”

A lot of thought has gone into the build, says Lourie: “The positioning of the shed to allow for natural light and warmth, ensuring adequate internal lighting – even power points to allow ship-to-shore leads to be plugged in without needing a whole lot of adaptors. This way clients will have the satisfaction of knowing their batteries are not being compromised while the vessel is being worked on.”

Gloss Boats Marine Spraying Specialists LTD (GBMS) expect to open the state-of-the-art boat painting facility in March 2022.