Raymarine’s new FLIR M300 Series cameras integrate seamlessly with all modern marine navigation systems, including Raymarine Axiom MFDs.

Two-axis mechanical stabilisation addresses the effects of pitch, heave and yaw while secondary electronic stabilisation minimises low frequency rumble and vibration. In some models, a colour, visible-light camera combines 30x optical zoom with stabilisation and ultra-low light technology to deliver better-thanbinocular performance, superior long-range imaging and positive target identification.

The dual-sensor M364C and M364C LR models integrate with Axiom MFDs to produce even greater low-light positional awareness via

Raymarine’s patented multi-spectral imaging technology.

Raymarine’s MSX® imaging technology extracts edges and borders from the HD visible camera and blends them with the thermal image, making it easier for skippers to recognise distant objects.

M300 is available in visible-light only, thermal-only, thermal high- or lowresolution and dual payload (thermal and visible light). Users interfacing with Raymarine Axiom will also enjoy Raymarine’s Augmented Reality; thermal users benefit from Raymarine Clear Cruise.


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