With the lease ending at its Hewletts Road site in Tauranga, Surtees has decided to relocate its sales yard back to its headquarters in Whakatane, which aligns with Surtees’ goal of finding a more suitable location able to provide a comprehensive Surtees Service Centre & Hub.

Surtees Boats will continue to deliver exceptional customer care and service. Its commitment to its valued clients remains unwavering, and its high standards of quality and service will be maintained throughout this transition.

Looking to the future, Surtees is planning to establish a comprehensive Surtees Service Centre & Hub in the Tauranga region. This hub will cater to all its customers’ needs, including servicing, retrofitting, and more. Surtees is actively seeking the perfect location to create this state-of-the-art facility, which will further enhance its service capabilities and accessibility for its valued clients.

This relocation is part of Surtees’ ongoing efforts to evolve and thrive in a competitive industry landscape. The company is confident this move will ultimately benefit its customers and position Surtees Boats for continued success.