GT60 debuts in Miami

Palm Beach Motor Yachts launched their next flagship—the high-performance, high-tech GT60—at the Miami Yacht Show (February 13-17) at Sea Isle Marina on Biscayne Bay. 

This new creation from the mind of yacht designer and CEO Mark Richards displays all the power, unmatched efficiency and smooth-running capabilities for which all Palm Beach models are known, but the GT Series brings additional contemporary styling cues and no-holds-barred top-end performance.

“On the water
the GT60 follows closely in the footsteps of the previously launched GT50. Both
yachts prove that our build practices and engineering know-how results in a
vessel that is at once stylish, luxurious, and has a performance curve that is
unmatched in the industry,” says Richards. “No doubt the performance can be
attributed directly to our weight-saving advanced construction techniques, including
vacuum-infused carbon fiber in the deck and superstructure. This weight
reduction and strength of our acclaimed performance-hull design sets the GT60

In stateside sea trials last week
near the company’s U.S. headquarters in Stuart, Florida, the new GT60 reached
speeds exceeding 40 knots at wide open throttle on its twin Volvo IPS 1350
powerplants. Where the GT60 truly shines is in fuel efficiency that sees only
75 gallons per hour (combined, or roughly 37.5 per engine) operating at speeds of
35 knots. The calculated range would allow owners to travel from Miami to
Nassau, Bahamas, in just over 5 hours, burning less than 42% of the total fuel

“The GT60 is an absolute dream result, that our team worked tirelessly on perfecting over the past 12 months. To have such a beautiful boat wrapped around a twin engine system, that outperforms similar sized competing products that use three engines—or twice the horsepower—is a truly remarkable achievement.” said Richards. The GT60 debuting in Miami is running twin Volvo IPS 1350s, with a total output of 2,000hp.

The material choices, and their
placement in the GT60’s construction means that the boat has a naturally low
center of gravity to aid performance, while the warped semi-displacement hull
design takes cues from racing yachts to deliver a soft and stable ride at all
speeds. Palm Beach then takes engineering several steps further to ensure
perfect balance, running carbon fiber jackshafts from the pods to the
mid-mounted engines, ensuring the bulk weight of the blocks are centered and

The GT60 features an enormous
single-piece curved glass windshield, large electric side and aft windows in
the salon, and full-beam entertaining spaces in both the salon and cockpit. The
layouts are practical and modern, while still retaining the true nautical feel
of a cruising yacht.

As with all Palm Beach Motor Yachts, customers can expect to enjoy the ability to customize the layouts and available options to ensure their high-performance GT60 is perfectly tailored to their individual needs and desires.

Palm Beach GT60 debut

Palm Beach Motor Yachts will release one of the fastest and most fuel-efficient yachts in the world – the GT60 – at the Miami Yacht Show, 2020.

Banks and Palm Beach Motor Yachts CEO, Mark Richards’ vision is being realized.
In 2019, Palm Beach launched the GT series, aimed at a new type of buyer who
appreciates a more contemporary design, accompanied with high speed, and fuel
efficiency that provides a lower carbon footprint.

vision – “to build the fastest and most fuel efficient luxury motor yachts in
the world
” - Mark Richards,

latest model to be released hot on the heels of the GT50, is the new GT60,
which will be center stage at the Miami Yacht Show, in February 2020. The GT
range is quickly establishing itself as a new product family under the Palm
Beach brand, with a third model, the GT70 planned in the not too distant

The GT60 cruises at a true 40 knots, at half
load, and has much more in reserve for top speed.
The first hull is still undergoing final testing so top
speed is yet to be confirmed, though indications are showing the mid-forties.


Palm Beach has created a rare combination of both speed and efficiency in the GT60.

“The cruise speed, top speed, and fuel burn
figures are thanks to the unique Palm Beach hull design and hi-tech carbon
fibre construction techniques. Coupled with twin Volvo IPS 1350 engines, this
combines to create the magic of the GT60”
referred Mark Richards.

The GT60 is constructed
with a high-tech vacuum-infused carbon fiber deck and structure that delivers
twice the strength of E-glass but at half the weight. A closed-cell foam core
constitutes the main structure of the bulkheads, a high-tech method that
further reduces weight while enhancing durability of the yacht. Palm Beach uses
vinylester modified-epoxy resin for all its infusion, which is another
tell-tale of the brand’s commitment to quality and durability in construction.

Thanks to the amazing new
GT60, Palm Beach now has a 60 foot power boat with a 400nm range at a cruising
speed of 40 knots. “To achieve speeds of this nature with so little
horsepower is truly remarkable. To be able to cruise long distance at these
speeds, using minimum fuel, opens up a whole new set of destinations for the
adventurous boater. It’s truly an amazing boat
” said Mark Richards.

GT50 and GT60 are designed to appeal to a global market, and are built with the
painstaking attention to detail, and to the incredibly high quality standards
that people have come to expect and trust in the Palm Beach brand. “The GT60 is the most recent example of our
design and manufacturing team’s enormous dedication and effort, and I would
like to personally thank everyone involved for this amazing result.” adde

The full unveiling of the revolutionary GT60 is set to take place at the Miami Yacht Show in February 2020, with a press review for the unveiling of the new first photos at Boot Dusseldorf the month before.