Volvo Penta’s new D13 propulsion system delivers the benefits of IPS to large semi-displacement yachts.

In the updated D13 IPS 1350, the propulsion system’s torque curve has been modified to cope with higher thrust loads at slower speeds and a wider speed range. It also introduces two new SD-only propellers – the QS4 and QS5. Until now the advantages of IPS – increased onboard comfort, better fuel efficiency and longer range – were not available for larger, semi-displacement yachts. As an integrated marine propulsion system, IPS delivers a seamless and intuitive onboard experience for the driver, including simple joystick control. Individually steerable IPS drives give ultra-responsive handling and pilot-like control when docking or manoeuvring in tight spaces.

The new D13 IPS edition is already used in the Absolute Navetta 73, ISA 93 Extra and the Arcadia Sherpa XL.

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