This book pays tribute to the tenacity and sailing skills of four young New Zealanders who sailed an epic voyage in their Chinese junk Golden Lotus in 1962.

On their 8,500-mile journey from Hong Kong to New Zealand they confronted violent storms in the South China Sea, Indian Ocean and Tasman Sea. They challenged poisonous and powerful Komodo dragons on an uninhabited Indonesian island, and encountered numerous navigational hazards along Australia’s eastern seaboard.

Brian Clifford – master navigator at age 23, orchestrated every aspect of this classic adventure. Skillful celestial navigation, adventurous spirits and the raw energy of a youth crew – combined with total self-reliance – won the day.

The book was first printed in 1962 (with a reprint a year later). In this new, revised edition, Brian’s brother Graham Clifford invites you to come aboard for the journey – bring your sextant with you!

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