Lieutenant Home Kidston and his toys PART 2

When he first arrived in Auckland on August 2, 1933 to join HMS Diomede the Auckland Star called Sub-Lieutenant Home (pronounced Hume by…

Lake Tahoe 50 years of elegance

With 49 editions under its belt so far, the most prestigious static contest in North America has now reached its 50th anniversary. And it…

Gybe-O; The storms and sun rays of my days

D. Ault Salt closed his eyes, tugged his grey beard, and thought: Life is good.

She’s a cracker!

Auckland's Cracker Bay is an exciting new waterfront precinct where top-notch marina and dry stack facilities meet Winton hospitality, new…

The freshwater system

Last issue we covered the installation of the toilet and holding tank, also known as the black water system. The final plumbing project is…

Power On; Steering the way

Probably one of the most hotly-discussed topics within the powerboat racing community is steering types – what’s good and what should be…

Frigonautica marine refrigeration solutions

Fridgetech is proud supplier of Frigonautica marine refrigerators in New Zealand, specialising in standard and custom installations for…

Hot hatches

Cule Marine manufactures hatches for every application

SOUTHAMPTON BOAT SHOW; Britain’s biggest boating festival

In September 2023, Andrew Howard enjoyed his second boat show of the northern summer.

One Family’s Boating Journey: A bridge too far

The Woodham family’s quest to master safe anchoring continues – starting this time with Islington Bay and its notoriously poor holding.

January 2024: Your summer cruising library

Alex Stone looks at tempting onboard reading options for this summer

Go small and soft! (Part 2)

A finesse approach to fishing soft baits can pay dividends, especially in heavily-fished areas with educated fish.