Tropical hopping

Of the large fleet of Kiwi-boats that set out each year for Fiji, quite a few sail directly to Tonga, some to the Cook Islands, but hardly…

New antifouling

The marine environment generally contains a profusion of life. Nothing can be left immersed in salt water without it quickly becoming…

One Family’s Boating Journey: Life lessons

As our two boys, Rafe and Chris, have discovered when you’re living onboard, life will throw you curveballs.

Topcoat maintenance tips from Akzonobel

A summer topcoat maintenance programme will ensure that your boat remains pristine all the way through the season and beyond.

CYO mackerel

Skyrocketing bait prices could make justifying regular fishing trips more challenging for budget-conscious anglers. Perhaps it’s time to…

P Class Centenary Celebrations

Love them or hate them the unpretentious and pugnacious P Class has been around for 100 years.

Salt spray: a visual language

Nelson-based Sean Garwood is a prominent and accomplished marine artist, who has literally lived his expression – on paper, canvas and in…

The Tattersfield Bothers; The 24ft Linear Raters Part 1

In the February issue I left Lt. Home Kidson arriving back in England in late 1935 to marry the lovely Lady Georgianna Curzon.

I’m OK. You’re OK? We’re OK!

Avoiding falls and trips – Mr Salt offers sage advice to a canny youngster.

March meets marine

Welcome to the March issue of Boating New Zealand!

Boat sales with integrity

Both Ron and Tracye love boats and their enthusiasm and passion carry over to their work.

Power On : Keep trim

Forget about reaching for your remote control/hand throttle.