One man and his boats: Bill Couldrey Part IV; Tiromoana, 1937 to Wairiki, 1938

Although Arnold (Bill) Couldrey was producing some of the iconic yachts and launches of the period by 1937, he was by no means a wealthy…

One Family’s Boating Journey: First principles

This column marks the second sail of our 2022 spring-summer season, which we undertook in September. It was not without its challenges!

On final approach

The John Lidgard-designed 60ft sloop Fuga Ultima (launched in 1985 as Final Approach) has come up for sale in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

No more bad vibes

One of the advantages of an aluminium boat is the rigidity of the hull. While there may be a small amount of flex, depending on the design,…

Trans- Tasman Solo Yacht Race 2023: Race entries roll in

Sailors will race single-handedly across the Tasman Sea from New Plymouth to Southport in April 2023.

Radio waves

Continuing our series on the yacht clubs of New Zealand, we thought we’d visit a couple in each island with the easiest access to an…

Meet the poor knights

The Poor Knights Islands, Tawhiti Rahi, 23 kilometres east of Tutukaka, are steeped in history, rich in scenic beauty, and make an idyllic…

Leaders in their field (Part 1)

A leader might be just a relatively short length of line, but its diverse roles make leader use essential to most forms of fishing.

Welcome back to the Cove

Some Kiwi cruisers on Pacific circuits have been coming to this event for years; for many international yachts on a circumnavigation, it’s…

We’re not bullet-proof

I am penning this ‘guest’ editorial because – as I write – your regular editor John Eichelsheim is winging his way across the world to…

Whatever spins your crank

The big difference between petrol and diesel power is the means of igniting the compressed air/fuel mixture in the combustion chamber.

Boat Show returns – with new owner

The New Zealand Boat Show has been held, under a variety of names every year since 1956, when it was first held at Auckland Showgrounds as…