New lives for old boats

The restoration and ownership of classic boats is booming – across New Zealand and around the globe. Tom Fraser catches up with Dave…

December 2023: Your summer cruising library

Alex Stone looks at tempting onboard reading options for this summer

Lieutenant Kidston RN of HMS Diomede and his toys

Fresh from Eton and straight from the Royal Naval College at Dartmouth, Lieutenant Home Reginald Arthur Kidston joined HMS Diomede on the…

The back end

Any boat that is going to be used for extended trips will need a toilet of some sort.

One Family’s Boating Journey: Weather delays and water woes

A couple of weeks before the September 2023 school holidays, Kirsten planned our anticipated two-week sail. We’ve never sailed north of…

Marina construction challenges

Marina expansions, while exciting for berth holders, often come with challenges.

It’s really very hard to push-start a boat

It is a really good idea to have a spare starter & alternator, especially if you only have one engine. Make the difference between a great…

Downsize for more fun

The day I chose to go smaller with my soft-baits turned out to be a turning point in my fishing life.

Up the WAHS!

It’s an overlooked, quiet, and quite beautiful waterway right close – surprisingly so – to Auckland. Me old shipmate Tony and I decided to…

How we can protect coastal waters from caulerpa

A battle is underway at sea this summer to contain the rapid growing non-native (exotic) caulerpa seaweed.

Night Rescue

We realised that rescuing someone at sea is not easy, especially at night.

Captain’s Inn

Renovating the old boat became a welcome distraction and motivation for the couple to move on.