Bracing for winter

I always feel a little sad when the last vestiges of summer disappear and winter can no longer be denied.

Catch-and-release a kingie

In the waters of the Hauraki Gulf, kingfish appear to have made a strong comeback in recent years. Every summer they seem to be present in…

Salt, smoke & heat

Perhaps only the Scandinavians love smoked fish more than Kiwis.

Too much noise?

I’m not sure if I’m a fan of loud sound systems on boats. At least, I’m not a fan of them when I’m quietly communing with nature while…

Summer’s here – happy days!

One of the realities of a monthly magazine is that there is quite a bit of lead time. That means the fishing I’m enjoying in November as I…

Repair or replace

Fishing tackle is expensive, even the cheap stuff, so it’s worth looking after.

Rescue our fish

The not-for-profit advocacy group Legasea campaigns fisheries management issues on behalf of recreational fishers and the New Zealand…

Stay alert

While recreational fishing can be a relaxing pastime, most successful anglers work hard to stay alert, relying on their senses to detect…

Hauraki Gulf reservations

A letter in last month’s Boating New Zealand, ‘Save our Gulf’ by Mark and Debbie Hampson, struck a chord with me.

Back to the land

Boating restrictions during the Covid-19 epidemic left John Eichelsheim grounded and fish-less. Some lateral thinking was in order.