French amphibious boat manufacturer Iguana Yachts’ X-Fisher is designed for fishing fans.

The sturdy but stylish X-Line design makes the boats easy to use, safe and comfortable. Offering all the advantages of an amphibious vessel – no dock or dedicated launching ramp required, easy to get on and off, simple to store and maintain – Iguana Yachts’ capable hull design and exclusive tracks afford access to remote places with the ability to land on virtually any terrain.

The X Fisher is a spacious 9.1m (30ft) boat specifically designed as comfortable fishing platform for up to 12 passengers. Capable of 48 knots on water and 7kph on land, whatever the terrain, including slopes with up to 40% gradient, the X-Fisher combines ease of use with high performance.

Sport fishers will appreciate all the dedicated equipment, like the summer galley, multiple integrated rod holders, ample storage and inbuilt fish box.