The boats will be based in Auckland along with the rest of the Ownaship Fleet, with the option to have them relocated to the Bay of Islands and other locations over the summer period.
The Lucia will also be heading over to the Pacific Islands during winter, giving owners the chance to explore some of the world’s most pristine waters. And with an onboard dive compressor, gen set, and berths for up to 10, she’ll be making holiday dreams come true.

Lucia 40_cmyk (Small)
The Fountaine Pajot Lucia offers luxury sailing.

“A share in the either boat is a great opportunity for people to get into luxury boating at an affordable price,” says Ownaship’s Simon Barker. “It’s also a fantastic option for people who are time poor; who want the convenience of just being able to show up and step on.”
Many people have a boat like this on their bucket list, but for whatever reason it has remained out of reach. With Ownaship, owning a luxury boat with wow factor like the Maritimo or Lucia is very attainable.
“With our fractional ownership regime, it’s convenient and affordable, with the same emotional benefit and none of the hassles of owning the boat outright,” says Barker.
Maritimo2_cmyk (Small)
The Maritimo 51 stateroom.

Both new boats are split into six shares, meaning each shareholder is entitled to 57 days per annum, as well as unlimited standby days. Also included is Ownaship’s five-star management, walk-on-walk-off service, plus a range of optional services such as provisioning and catering, skippering, boat relocation, and helicopter time.
For Ownaship, it’s all about convenience, says Barker. “We want to help our owners make the most of their time and their boats. Relocations and helicopter hours are a big part of this.Owners should be able to finish work on Friday and be at the Barrier with their family or friends an hour after that.”
Lucia40-13_extra for ownaship_cmyk (Small)
Saloon of the Lucia.

For some added excitement, shareholders might use the helicopter for a heli-fish or a bit of a tiki tour on the way out. Closer to home, there’s always the option to head down to the boat and simply put your feet up, perhaps spending an evening enjoying the atmosphere of the marina over a few drinks.
“Ownaship is all about lowering the barriers to boating,” says Barker, “we want to make it easy for people to have the kind of boat, and the boating experience they want, without any of the hassle.“To begin your new adventure, contact Ownaship now.”
Boating made easy
Founded in 2007, Ownaship provides a convenient and affordable entry to boating by dividing boat ownership between multiple shareholders. Starting from 10 percent shares right through to thirds, halves, and fully-managed luxury vessels. Owners are allocated a certain number of days per year based on their share size, plus unlimited standby days.
The aim is to provide a complete range of boating solutions, from the serious boatie to the complete novice.
Ownaship currently manages a fleet of five-star managed vessels including Rayglass 2500s, 2800s and 4000s, the newly released Rayglass 3500s and a Bavaria 42 yacht. The company is adding a luxurious Maritimo M51 and a Lucia 40 sailing catamaran for 2018, plus four more Rayglass 3500s.
Share the boat, not the burden
Ownaship takes care of all the nitty-gritty of boat owning, including marina/drystack berthage, service and maintenance, repairs, and cleaning. Boats are pre-checked prior to every departure and equipped with fresh linen, beach towels, crockery and cutlery.
Need a skipper for passage-making, or for when you want to entertain onboard? Ownaship can supply one.
Feel a bit intimidated parking the boat? Valet parking is available.
If you are new to boating, Ownaship can help you with every aspect of seafaring, including hands-on boat handling training, navigation and electronics. Someone at Ownaship is available to help 24 hours a day.
To go boating all an owner has to do is make an online booking and arrive. He then turns up at the end of the day or week, simply ties up and steps off. It’s walk-on-walk-off boating.
More Rayglass 3500s
Ownaship recently introduced a new Rayglass 3500 to its fleet. This Kiwi-built model has proven very popular with customers and demand is exceeding supply.
1R8A6455_CMYK (Small)
Rayglass 3500.

“Our customers are really enjoying this boat, with it’s modern, practical layout. It’s perfect for Kiwi-style boating,” says Barker.
Wayne Foster, a shareholder in Mawhti, the first Rayglass 3500 in the fleet, agrees: “It’s perfect for the Kiwi lifestyle. Fast and comfortable, it’s easy to manage, great for fishing or entertaining and easy to keep clean. Oh, and it looks great too.”
The good news is there are more Rayglass 3500s about to join Ownaship: boat number two is arriving just before Christmas while another one launches in February.
For more information visit or call 0800 696 7447.