In an era where outsourcing is common, New Zealand-based Anura continues to invest in local, in-house innovation. As the leader in amphibious technology, its modular systems transform craft into land-conquering vehicles. 

Now, Anura is further distinguishing itself by introducing cutting-edge manufacturing capabilities into its own facility. The company has invested in state-of-the-art 3D printing and laser engraving equipment, significantly expanding its already impressive in-house manufacturing capabilities. This strategic move allows Anura to produce what they term “impossible parts” – intricate components for their amphibious systems that are challenging to create using traditional CNC machining technology. With the addition of 3D printing, Anura can now use a wider range of materials, including carbon fiber, to push the boundaries of what’s possible in amphibious technology.

By bringing these advanced technologies in-house, Anura not only retains its intellectual property but also dramatically accelerates its innovation cycle. “We believe in the talent and resources we have right here,” explains a representative. “Investing in local innovation isn’t just about faster prototyping or cost-saving; it’s about building a culture of learning, problem-solving, and creativity. “This local approach is driving us to redefine what’s possible in amphibious technology.”

Anura extends this philosophy to its local suppliers as well. “Innovation does not happen in isolation; it happens in an ecosystem. If we don’t support this ecosystem, it may not be available for the next generation of innovators. As a country, we don’t want that,”.

The benefits of Anura’s “local innovation” strategy are already evident. The company’s  in-house capabilities, complemented by partnerships with outstanding local companies, enable rapid design iterations, allowing for faster testing and refinement of concepts. This agility is reflected in Anura’s latest modular systems, offering craft manufacturers unprecedented flexibility and performance.

Anura’s commitment to local innovation is set to make a global impact, providing boating enthusiasts worldwide with the freedom to explore beyond the water’s edge. As Anura continues to push the limits of amphibious technology, their dedication to in-house development ensures that innovation remains at the heart of their success.