Anura, a leader in amphibious technology, will showcase its popular S25 amphibious system at the upcoming Auckland Boat Show – Anura’s inaugural participation in the renowned event.

Anura offers a range of systems tailored to different craft sizes and applications, from small tenders to large vessels with many marine manufacturers incorporating its systems into their latest craft designs.

Anura’s display at the Auckland Boat Show will include a working S25 amphibious system. Featuring front and back wheel assemblies, along with an electric-over-hydraulic power unit, the setup allows visitors to observe the system in action, providing insight into Anura’s advanced technology.

The Anura team will be available throughout the event to answer questions about design, functionality, and installation.

Visit Stand 101 near the show’s main entrance to experience the S25 amphibious system up close and discover how Anura is shaping the future of amphibious technology.