Following the Tairua Boat Show in August, Balex Marine has seen extremely high demand for the Balex Dock.

The team has been busy installing new Balex Floating Dock systems around the country and also retrofitting Balex Automatic Boat Loaders to existing floating docks in waterways, lakes and marinas.

“The Balex Dock and the recent launch of an extended product range of Balex systems able to launch and retrieve boats up to 9.5 metres long gets more people out on the water safely,” says Balex MD Daniel Given.

Launching and retrieving a boat onto a floating dock can be tricky but the Balex Dock enables people to use a floating dock at the touch of a button.

Balex Automatic Boat Loader technology is now patented in USA, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. With enough torque to pull up to 3.5 tonnes, it uses a powerful hydraulic system to load your boat quickly and safely on and off the floating dock in a controlled manner.

The system can be fitted to any existing or new dock and works across aluminium and fibreglass hulled boats.