Awlcraft 3000 is the latest Awlgrip topcoat to feature enhanced colour technology, delivering truer and deeper colours for professionals and boat owners.

The launch of the new generation topcoat and clear coat comes coincides with Awlgrip celebrating its 50th anniversary.

The new Awlcraft 3000 system uses the same toner system as Awlgrip HDT. Developed specifically for professional use, the system is coupled with AkzoNobel’s suite of digital colour matching tools that support owners in finding the right colour for their boats.

Sharing the next generation colour platform with Awlgrip HDT, it retains Awlcraft 2000’s long-lasting, high-gloss finish.

The full Awlcraft 3000 range will consist of a range of colours, one clear coat, and one binder base (available later in 2023). Awlcraft 3000 will continue to use Awlcat #2 converter and Awlgrip Reducers.