New Zealand marine company Balex Marine showcased a brand new product, the Balex Dock, at the Auckland On Water Boat Show in Auckland New Zealand, October 3-6.
Daniel Given, the New Zealand entrepreneur and managing director of Balex Marine saw the Balex Dock as a key addition to the Balex product lineup.
“Our core mission is make boating more accessible and enable people to get out on the water easily. The Balex Dock is a customised floating dock solution that will allow people to safely launch and retrieve their boat on the waterways, lakes and marinas.”
Says Daniel. “In New Zealand, many people struggle to store their trailer boats and don’t want the maintenance issues and costs associated with leaving them in the water. Launching and retrieving a boat onto a floating dock can be tricky but the Balex Dock enables people to use a floating dock at the touch of a button.”
Recognising this key opportunity, Given started working with the team to build a dock solution that would simplify the launch and retrieval onto floating docks. The key factors that they needed to take into consideration was the configuration of the dock to ensure the complete retrieval with the Balex Automatic Boat Loader system and also creating enough flotation so that the hull of the boat is completely clear of the water when stored. This complete system is made from marine grade materials and is customisable to the boat and storage requirements of each individual customer.
In September, the Balex Autoamtic Boat Loader patent application was accepted in the United States which means Balex Automatic Boat Loader technology is now patented across the US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. The Balex® Automatic Boat Loader (ABL) automates the launch and retrieval of your trailer boat. With enough torque to pull up to 2.5 ton, the patented technology uses a powerful hydraulic system to load your boat quickly and safely on and off the trailer in a controlled manner. The system can be fitted to any existing or new trailer and works across aluminium and fibreglass hulled boats.
The Balex Automatic Boat Loader is available through over 40 boat and trailer manufacturers and marine dealers across New Zealand, Australia and Europe. The Balex Automatic Boat Loader system is used by key marine industry figures such as New Zealand Fishing News magazine, Big Angry Fish, Fishy Business and Built to Fish television series.