When it comes to your boat, it pays to play it safe. Century Batteries says there’s one vital safety check every boater should be performing before their boat even hits the water. 

On the road, roughly 40-60% of all automotive roadside assistance callouts are battery related. On the road, a jumpstart or a battery replacement will get you back on your way, but a similar battery failure aboard your boat can have far more dire consequences. Being stuck kilometres from shore with an engine that won’t start is a potentially life-threatening situation.

Century Batteries has been a proud supporter of Coastguard New Zealand since 2004, helping to ensure the volunteer organization is ready to help those in need 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In 2022, Coastguard NZ performed 3,298 Search and Rescue missions, helping to bring 7,939 people back to safety. At least 25 of those people are alive today because Coastguard were there to help.

Before you head out on the water, give your boat a quick check over – especially if it hasn’t been used for a while. Replacing the fuel filter and putting fresh fuel in the tank is a great start but checking the health of the boat’s starting battery, though often overlooked, is perhaps the most important procedure.

Use a battery charger to ensure your battery is fully charged prior to heading out, or take a trip to your local Century Batteries retailer for a free battery test – a great option for any battery more than a few years old.


Always choose a starting battery designed specifically for marine use. Century’s range of Marine Pro batteries are available in different sizes to suit any vessel. Marine batteries are built to handle wave pounding, engine vibration and trailer transport. Properly maintained, they will always deliver reliable starting power and performance.

Over 100 Coastguard vessels rely on Century Batteries to power their Search and Rescue missions and aid boaties in distress, saving lives at sea.

What’s powering your boat?

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