Northland’s marine electric propulsion company Naut have launched their second demonstrator vessel, named Beachcomber.

The 7m aluminium power boat comfortably reaches planing speed, with a top speed of 28 knots. The 150hp electric system possesses enough power to easily plane and handle all sea conditions the boat was originally designed for. The battery and propulsion system were delivered by the Naut team to suit potential customer’s lifestyle operating at a range of speeds for 3-4 hours.


The boat will accommodate overnight charging from a standard home power point. The team are continuing to make improvements to the propulsion system, and these, as well as the latest developments in boat design, will further improve duration and range.

Beachcomber has been vital to the product development team at Naut as they work towards finalising the design for a range of Naut products.

Following the successful testing of Beachcomber, the team are now finalising the design for the Naut products, particularly an electric outboard, as well as the electrical system that can be used to power the Naut outboard, or alternative driveline options such as sterndrives or jets. Naut electric outboards are expected to be ready for purchase in 2023, while the electrical system to power alternative drives are available to order now.


Naut is interested to hear from companies, boatbuilders or recreational boaties to discuss how an electric propulsion system would work for them, now or in the future.

Naut aims to bring the pure joy of electric propulsion to the recreational boating world.