Kakapo Linen makes high-quality, customised bedwear for boats and RVs.

Born out of the founders’ desire for bedwear to fit the odd mattress shapes and sizes in their caravan, Kakapo Linen began creating custom designs for others in a refurbished home garage. Kakapo Linen now works out of premises in Rangiora’s Arlington Shopping Complex.

Custom projects include 16 mattress protectors, 24 sets of sheets and 54 pillowcases for Red Stag Timber’s new vessel Blue Stag, with 135 metres of fabric for the sheets imported from Georgia, USA.

The company regularly fits vessels and RVs with custom bedwear – its most recent design, ‘The Sleep Sack’, is perfect for cabin beds.

Kakapo Linen support the Kakapo Recovery Programme.

www.kakapolinen.co.nz office@kakapolinen.co.nz or call Marilyn on 027 253 5005.