Sweden’s Candela C-7 hydrofoiling electric boat took line honours at the YCM International Speed Record Race in Monaco in July, beating 14 other electric boats in the 253- yard sprint race, averaging 27, 055 knots.

The race was part of the Monaco Energy Challenge – the world’s biggest competition for electric and new energy boats – and hosted by the Monaco Yacht Club.

The C-7 has become the best-selling electric boat in Europe since its introduction in 2019 and has won several awards for its innovative technology. It needs only 25hp to cruise at a speed of 20 knots.

“This is a big day for electric boating,” said Candela’s Mikael Mahlberg after the race. “Instead of fitting bigger motors and more batteries into conventional, inefficient hulls, hydrofoils allow you to use less power to reach higher speeds and longer range. By flying above the water, you also get a smoother ride.”

The C-7 is equipped with a sophisticated on-board flight controller which automatically adjusts the hydrofoil 100 times per second to account for side wind, waves and different loads. Receiving input from several sensors, the flight controller computes the foil’s optimum angle of attack for a smooth ride.


Candela’s hydrofoil system is now being leveraged for bigger electric boats. Next year, it will launch the P-30 electric foiling ferry for the city of Stockholm, as well as a 12-person water taxi, called the Candela P-12.