The Catch: Spare the rod

I have seen lots of rods broken in lots of different ways. The vast majority of breakages were preventable.

BOP: Remember the rules around the Motiti Protection Area

Under the new rules, no-one can take fish, shellfish, or plants from these areas. These rules apply to everyone equally, including…

Invasive species

Invasive species, both terrestrial and marine, are a fact of life in this interconnected modern world.

Winter’s sneaking up

On a morning in late April when I had hoped to be chasing anchovy workups, I was unable to find any.

The right hook

Whether you are using bait or a lure, it’s the hooks that catch the fish. Despite their importance, though, most anglers give fish hooks…

Spring at last!

It’s October, the second month of spring, with longer, warmer days and more sunshine, but water takes much longer to warm up than air.