“In what we hope will be the biggest year yet, 36° Brokers are thrilled to announce their returning support of the Cruising Rally for the 2022 PIC Coastal Classic,” says Marketing and Events Manager Stacey Clark. 

“Much fun has been had over past years, with pre-events, meet and greets, best dressed crew, photo competitions and more, so we’re back at it again for another year, another round of sponsorship, and another fantastic weekend on the water!”

This year marks the 40th anniversary since the Coastal Classic began in 1982, and for many Kiwi boaties, marks the opening of the summer sailing season.

“The Cruising Rally Division is a fantastic way to be a part of all of the action and get amongst the 120 nautical mile journey from Auckland to the Bay of Islands. With this division, cruisers have the opportunity to take part in the race while also enjoying the creature comforts of their boats,” says Clark.

“So spread the word amongst your cruising friends and family and get your entries in Start brainstorming your crew uniform ideas and get ready for another cracker Labour Weekend.”

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