Cox Powertrain carried out the first ever superyacht customer demonstrations of its highly anticipated 300hp diesel outboard at Monaco Yacht Show in September. The daily demonstrations took place on a twin RIBCO Seafarer 36 installation.

There is a high demand from the superyacht industry for a reliable, robust and fast diesel outboard with effortless handling. The convenience of using a single fuel for mothership and tende,r as well as the additional safety benefits that diesel fuel brings, is of particular interest to superyacht owners, captains and management companies.

With Cox’s global distributor, dealer and service network finalised, the company is now focusing on delivering a first-class after-sales service to its customers.

The CXO300 is based on the proven technology of four-stroke, V8 architecture. It offers at least a 25% better range compared to a gasoline outboard and is designed to last up to three times longer. It has a package volume around half that of a state-of-the-art diesel inboard with comparable fuel efficiency.

It has a 100% higher peak torque at the crankshaft than leading gasoline 300hp outboards; 60% higher than a leading 350hp. This enables the craft to reach peak torque and top power more quickly.