The Daring – an 1800s schooner – was uncovered by shifting sands on Auckland’s Muriwai Beach in 2018.

It was removed by volunteer group Daring Rescue Team over five days, using several heavy-duty moving trucks, and trucked to Mangawhai. Daring is currently being maintained in a temporary covered facility pending more permanent preservation as funds allow.

Over the winter months the water sprinkling system used to stop Daring’s timbers drying out was changed to a fine misting system which has proven very effective at reducing surplus moisture being retained in the timbers and the bilge of the vessel. As we move into summer, the frequency of the misting will be increased to ensure the condition of the timber remains stable. Supporters at Wet and Forget supplied chemicals and applicators to ensure that the timbers don’t develop mould and rot while being maintained in a damp state.

Daring Rescue Group conservator Susanne Rawson of HPFS Solutions has completed the conservation plan, which will be used to guide how the Mangawhai Daring Trust preserves the metals and timbers of the Daring. The key message within this report is that the Trust needs to get the Daring into a stable humidity and temperature-controlled environment as soon as possible, to be able to start the drying and preservation process.

For the Trust, that means finalising the Daring Discovery Centre site and the building design and build, both of which the trustees are working hard at. The building design has to take into account the types of interactive spaces and displays needed to ensure visitors are able not only to observe, but also interact with and experience the stories of the Daring.


The enthusiastic volunteer vessel reassembly team is making great progress. To differentiate added timbers from originals, macrocarpa beams have been beautifully crafted to replace the steel beams used to hold the vessel together when it was lifted from the beach. These beams also support the decking and hatch timbers, which were recovered from the beach and from souvenir hunters who have seen the value of reuniting them with the vessel. The Trust is hopeful that more of these timbers will be returned. BNZ