The Defining Group, trading as ElectroMaax Australia, has been appointed the official distributor of ElectroMaax marine alternators and water makers for the Australian, New Zealand and South Pacific markets.

The ElectroMaax range of marine alternators generate 70% of their output at idle, typically around 600rpm. With an output of up to 250A if required, depending on model, ElectroMaax alternators can run electronics, AC appliances, water makers and refrigeration. In many cases, the need for generators can be avoided.

The ElectroMaax range of alternators can be retrofitted to the wide range of marine diesel engines popular with cruising yachtsmen and provide optimum charge solutions for yachts and motorboats. An available 10-rib Electromaax serpentine belt kit increases performance, reduces vibration and delivers quieter running.

The range of Electromaax alternators commences at 100A and rounds out at 250A at 12V, and 165A at 24V. Separate rectifiers on the highest power devices allowthe alternators to work at maximum efficiency.

Compact, quiet, efficient SolarMaax water makers are available in outputs from 40L/Hr, 80L/Hr, and 120L/hour. They are easily driven by solar panels. Titanium is used instead of plastic in critical components and a 10 year guarantee is available.